Cardano NFTs, a simple howto,

by ACOL Pool,

The nice momentum when you realize how NFTs can take real benefits from Cardano.

Here are basic steps and how to get it done, with simple requirements.

  • Use Cardano Relay, full synched and online with the network.
  • Simple way to deposit your Artwork and make it available is to use an IPFS service. You’ll se later what is important for it.

First steps

On usefull step before everything is to insert your node0.socket PATH, all depend your installation, I personaly use defaults from Guild Operators

Here come the CNFT setup part

Now you’ll need a policy, where you refer your policy vkey hash and define what you are looking to mint and rules to apply to it

Now come the time to build, sign and submit transaction

Let set some variables

I am an IT expert for 20 years, based in France, SPO @ ACOL Pool